Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease - Essay Example Air is humankind's natural source of respiratory Oxygen. Its preservation may have been openly disregarded, so that the current generation has to face up to the maintenance of its life supportive feature (Goldman 1972). Unfortunately, up to this time, City dwelling is still synonymous to smog dwelling. This haze or smog is created primarily by a mixture of potential toxic chemicals like nitrates, sulfates, and particulates, formed mostly from the automobile exhausts and industrial factories emissions (Miller & Levine 2003). Australians are well aware of the long standing problems poised by these air pollutants that environmental watchers groups have been organized at a state-level. But, the private sector's enthusiasm is not usually matched by the civil servants at the local government level because its power is limited to implementation of the Federal government's policies and decisions. This is despite the fact that the initial commonwealth system has already adopted the Federal system. The bureaucracy appears to delimit after all, efforts to make lighter air pollution problems at the state level. At some other points nonetheless, government must just be cautious with the policies and decisions so as not to create a barrier for prospective business investors, as market flexibility must be maintained, as well as market share in the economic sphere. In other words, where does the Australian governmental economist stand on the latest question of cost and benefits Are there tools and principles that could clarify the issue Where does one take off in making an economic analysis of the environment Body Greening as a dilemma picks-up momentum at the point where the demand for environmental quality accelerates. Australians' demand for quality air as relative to greening was manifested in several instances, and several manners. They conveyed this need by participating in local and national debates on environmental rules and regulations (Garnaut 2008). Some created representative groups to lobby their cause among governmental or political personalities. Others patronize only organically produced products as well as products that are biodegradable despite additional cost. Still others does not mind purchasing expensive homes and living in areas distant from the busier strips of Australia for the quality environment that supports quality living. Clearly, the Australians' demand for quality air which is supportive of healthy living has developed over the years because of the twofold rationale. Foremost are the raised takings which correspondingly raised the purchasing powers of the citizens. Subsequently, the demand for goods and services expanded to some extents as to certainly demand for high quality air also. Australians value for clean air became equitable with their keenness to spend for it. Nonetheless, Australians' awareness of the consequences of human activities which are more often perilous to the air in the environs

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